New Year’s Resolutions (or at least one)


I never really understood why people give such importance to something was devised for its practicality: time. That’s why I never really understood the big fuss about New Year’s Day. Surely, it marks a complete orbit of the earth around the sun. But for many people in this planet (either belonging to different religions or nations) the New Year has not arrived today.

On a more practical side, the advent of the New Year (to the people that still believe it arrived today) marks a day for self-assessment of the past year and the renewal of promises.

Which brings me to today’s topic for this post: my New Year’s resolutions. Last year, I promised to start writing a blog, so that I can practice and further develop my writing skills. Almost a year passed, and I fooled myself into believing that I was just taking some time to carefully design and craft the blog. On December, I realised that unless I took immediate action, another year would pass by doing nothing. But today was what I feared the most, when I would look back at the previous year and realise that I did not keep my promise.

So, rather than losing time in the dressing room, I decided to show up to the football pitch and just learn how to play football during the game. That’s how this blog came to life and why I am not so angry with myself today. I guess that for this year’s resolutions, one thing that I need to promise myself is to write more.


(photo © LambdaPhage)



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