Imagine yourself immersed in a Moroccan market, filled with food, people, dust, noise, camels… This is the sensation you will experience the first time you will set foot to Del’Aziz, a Mediterranean deli close to Fulham Broadway tube station. As you enter, you will notice vast amounts of food on dispay at the counter, Mediterranean deli products and cookware at the stalls and long benches, where you will be offered a sit to experience a fantastic brunch. The atmosphere is loud, vibrant and full of colours and smells.

One of the food counters at Del'Aziz

One of the food counters at Del'Aziz

The deli offers diverse breakfast choices: the French will be satisfied with eggs Florentine or eggs Royale; fitness enthusiasts will delight with Berber pancakes served with any of three toppings and the English will not be disappointed with the provision of a full English breakfast. If you feel adventurous, we recommend that you try “the frying pan”, a combination of mushrooms, chorizo, bacon peppers, melted cheese and eggs or even break away from the comfort of the fixed menu choices and create your own breakfast with a wide variety of omelettes, sandwiches and pastries. And once you have settled in with your choice of breakfast, do not spoil the ambience by just ordering a frothy coffee in typical Western European fashion. Instead opt for the refreshing choice of Moroccan mint tea served in colourful tiny glasses.

The bread counter at Del'Aziz

The bread counter at Del'Aziz

Del’Aziz tends to get busy during weekends, so be prepared to wait if you have not made a reservation. But do insist to sit at the small deli and not the adjoining restaurant space, as part of the experience lies in the ambience of the surroundings. And make sure that before you leave that you visit the food counter, for a wide variety of cakes and homemade breads to take home.


P.S.: Del’Aziz is located at 24 -32 Vanston Place, London SW6 1AX. (Google map).

(all pictures © LambdaPhage).


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