Baggage (re)claim – no. 2

You may remember my post Baggage (re)claim, in which I pondered about the correct form of the airport sign prompting you to where you can collect your luggage. At that time I suggested that the correct term should be baggage reclaim, as is written in British Airports, and not baggage claim, as is written in many other European airports. After all, the baggage is yours to start with; you just hand it to the airline and you claim it back after your travel.

It appears that a fellow blogger has made a poll about the dilemma. You can read all about it here. Sadly, most people voted “Baggage claim” as the correct term, which I believe is not true.

Here are some additional images of baggage claim or baggage reclaim signs taken at various European airports.

Zurich International Airport

Munich International Airport

London City Airport

Schiphol - Amsterdam International Airport

I would love to travel to the US, to Africa or Asia to see the signs there.


[all images © LambdaPhage]


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