[My obsessions]*

It is about time this blog gained some character. In the past 1,5 years I have been writing it, I have mainly posted my reviews and my observations. When writing most articles, I have struggled with the style and the tone, but most importantly with the person: should I write in the first person, the third or the plural? Mind you, some of those blog entries were used as contributions to a small magazine, so I opted to use “we” more than I used “I”.

This is about to change. If the blog is about myself, and if I need to retain my mystery identity, then I ‘d better reveal some things about my character. And what better way to do this than writing more entries in the first person. From now on, I will be trying to use a lot of “I”.

To celebrate this change in style, I will also start a new regular type of posts called “my obsessions”. These will not be any different from the review posts I have written thus far, but they are going to be about things I like, I admire or I get obsessed with. It will be about items, shops, ideas etc that form my little world.

Many of my friends and colleagues, especially those who have just met me, believe I have a liking to branded – and sometimes expensive – items. They might be right. To me, however, it is not about the brand but about design. If all of our everyday things have been created by designers, from the tissues we used to the cars we drive, then I admire those designers that go the extra mile. The designers who will think carefully the item they want to make, that will study its properties, it function and its utility and will then go on to design things that speak for themselves: either for being extraordinary or for becoming more utilitarian.

And so the column starts with my obsessions. Item I already possess, items I am about to have or items I would like to get. And it can be everything….

You will be able to distinguish those posts from the regular ones, as there will always be a star following the title.




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