Many films have toyed with the idea of dreams vs reality and the acceptance of reality, but no film has done it better than Inception. Written and directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Leonardo diCaprio in the role of Dominic Cobb, the film is a deep, masterful look into the subconscious. (warning – plot spoiler ahead.)

Cobb and his team specialises in a method called extraction; a method with which he can get sensitive information through the people’s subconscious while they are sleeping. To achieve this, all need to be connected to a special machine, resembling a dialysis, that administers a sedative and allows the connected people to share a dream world, built according to their mental projections. Cobb is a master of this world and uses it to make a living by stealing information from his victims for his client. However, Cobb is challenged by a Japanese business man, not wanting to steal information but to do the inverse: to plant an idea into another person’s mind.

Cobb is initially not persuaded to take the job. He is later convinced to try the feat in exchange for the businessman’s help to allow Cobb to enter the US again. Cobb had been extradited from the United States, as he is a suspect for the murder of his wife. As we delve deeper into Inception, not only do we find projections of the world of his victim, but projections of Cobb’ mind, and the secret about his wife he has hidden for so long in his subconscious.

The film is a brilliantly directed movie with noteworthy performances from the cast. There are many action scenes and a superbly executed gravitation-less fighting choreography in the hallway of a hotel. If you have seen Nolan’s previous movies – Memento, Batman Begins, The Dark Night-, you will unmistakably recognise his familiar style of building up mystery and suspense. It is the idea of Nolan playing with the hero’s subconscious and of what is real and what is not, that will leave you wanting for more. 2,5 hours passed and not a single time time did we question the movie; instead we watched with eager anticipation to untangle the complexity of the plot and our hero’s mind.

A phenomenal movie that allows for many interpretations, bearing testament to the exceptional work from Nolan on direction and scripting and the mesmerising performances of the actors.


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