Virgin Active supports Richard Branson’s kitesurfing – inspiring advertising

Virgin is no stranger to exquisite marketing campaigns, well-orchestrated PR stunts and imaginative advertisements. It therefore comes as so surprise that one of its latest advertisements, appearing on the web and in posters at selected Virgin Active gyms, has won my seal of “inspiring advertising”.

At first sight, the advertisement tries to convey a simple message. Virgin Active is supporting Sir Richard Branson’s latest challenge to kite-surf the English channel in celebration of his 60th birthday. But the advertisement manages to deliver this message with a twist that is guaranteed to make you laugh. The copy reads:

“To celebrate his 60th birthday Richard Branson is kitesurfing the English channel. Virgin Active is proud to sponsor him, but we have a question to ask: when is he going to start acting his age?” The text is in a red, Virgin branded poster bearing a white caricature of Sir Richard Branson in kitesurfing gear.

The result might look effortless, but I am sure it took several hours of brainstorming and editing to accomplish. And it stands as a proof that you can turn seemingly boring and uninteresting message to one, which can leave an everlasting impression.


P.S.: You can find Sir Richard Branson’s microsite for his 60th birthday celebrations here.

[image © Virgin Active]


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