[Rotring Trio Pen]*

When I first saw a Rotring Trio pen, there was nothing in its exterior that would immediately give away it is not an ordinary pen. But by looking carefully, I noticed some markings close to its pushbutton, the indicator dots, betraying instantly it was more: it was multi-pen, a blue pen, a red pen and a mechanical pencil.

It was not the multi-pen featured that it surprised me. After all, I had seen multi-pens before and some with more than three pens. But whereas most of the multi-pens I have seen before were cheap, plastic and chunky apparatuses, this one was small, metal and luxurious. In fact, it was the first time I had seen a multi-pen including a pencil and being roughly bigger than a normal pen. A feature that was due to the cleverly-designed mechanism to load the individual tips.

Indeed, the individual tips of this pens are loaded by gravity. To extend one of them, you just need to hold the pen upright and press the pushbutton downwards but also slightly to one side of the indicator dots of the barrel that corresponds to the individual tip. The retraction mechanism is more simple: it is a small button located at the pocket clip.

The first time I saw this pen was when of my best friends got it from his father to use it in an exam. His father, an engineer at that time, wanted to be able to use multiple pens but not to have to carry them around as individual pens. The moment I saw this pen, I fell in love with it but at that time I could not afford it. Several years later, and having used lots of other pens, I decided to get it for university and have used it ever since. That is why it became one of [my obsessions]*.

Meanwhile, Rotring decided to evolve its design. The retraction mechanism was changed from the pushbutton of the pocket clip to the entire pocket clip, the body of the trio pen became a bit bigger and some patterns were added to the barrel surface to give a firmer grip. The company also introduced the Quattro pen with four tips and a special version with a data pen suitable for use in pointing devices. But I never liked the new designs and always resorted to buying the older version. Needless to say, I lost almost five of these pens during my university years.

These days, I am using what seems to be my last one, because it is impossible to find the same design, even on Ebay.


[image © LambdaPhage]


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2 Responses to “[Rotring Trio Pen]*”

  1. Ed Says:

    Is your Trio pen also made of matte black (brass) also or is it made of something else? Matte black is prone to make the paint fall off.

  2. lambdaphage Says:

    Dear Ed,

    Indeed, my Trio pen is also made of matte black. I prefer it from a shiny silver or a shiny blue one, since the matt black surface makes the pen less slippery. In fact, I have used the silver trio pen but did not like it that much. And newer editions of the Trio pen had an anti-slip surface, but it just made the pen a bit bigger than normal.

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