Orange and T-Mobile share each other’s signal – inspriring advertising

I saw the above advertisement when I was riding the tube on a very busy day. The advertisement did not make much sense to me and did not really notice the company being advertised. I was intrigued by the simplicity of the statement in the block letters, having not noticed the fine print, I was puzzled, as the ad did not seem to pitch for any particular product or service.

And then it made perfect sense. Not because I had noticed that the advertisement was running in the corporate identity of a specific company I knew beforehand, but because I saw the advertisement next to this one that explained everything. Orange and T-Mobile, two UK mobile phone carriers, were joining forces and sharing each other’s signal.

And just as the companies decided to share their signals, they decided to share their advertising space. After my first encounter, I just kept glancing the dual advertisements from Orange and T-Mobile. Appearing in each company’s corporate identity, they seem to complement each other. but also keep their own identity. Just as it is supposed to be with the companies being advertised.


[images © respective owners]


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