[Hermèssence – Ambre Narguilé]*

Hermès is a company synonymous to unparalleled sophistication and luxury. Many people believe it has the charisma to make objects of desire, not just mere products. Therefore, Hermès perfumes follow the same principle. Hermès is making two different lines of perfumes: those that are available from various cosmetic outlets and cater for common consumers, and a line of more exclusive perfumes for those who seek intricate smells. The latter is the Hermèssence collection, available only in selected Hermès stores. According to the Hermès house, the line has been created by the head perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena and is destined for “both men and women which touch the heart and speak directly to the senses”.

I came across the the collection at the small Hermès shop in Selfridges. The salesperson was kind enough to explain me the differences compared to the other collections and allowed me to sample some of the fragrances. One of them caught my senses with a very strong distinctive smell combining the amber of honey with oriental swirls: Ambre Narguilé.

That day, I went home clutching the paper tester and for the next few days I found that I could not keep myself from smelling it. It was that day it became one of my obsessions.

But the perfume came at a price. Hermès only makes a 100 ml bottle at £140 (or with a leather pouch at £345). Even though the price was justifiable if you consider the exclusivity of the perfume and the intricate bouquet of smells, I just needed a smaller bottle, since the perfume was too strong for me to wear on a daily basis.

Fortunately, I later discovered that Hermès makes those perfumes in 15 ml bottles and you can purchase a set of 4 bottles for £84, a price which was closer to what I was prepared to pay. The fragrances are also presented in individual pouches, suitable for travel, and are packaged in a Hermès signature orange box, perfect for a Christmas present. But the advantage of the gift box is that you can mix and match several perfumes from the collection, and experience better the Hermèssence collection.



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