Moss pencil

Last week, I left work to meet my old colleagues for a farewell party at a pub close to my old job. On my way there, I got a chance to visit one of my favourite bookstores, Magma, located at Clerkenwell Road. (I hope to be able to say more about this store on another occasion). When I was in my old job, I was visiting Magma almost every Thursday, to look at any new books and magazines and find out any new design items they had brought in store. Magma frequently stocks little curios that you can not easily find anywhere else: piglet or skull shaped earbuds, paper earrings and rings, badges for the rube with the motto “Wake me up at ________ station” and other interesting paraphenalia.

This time, I got one of my favourite magazines and when I went to the counter, I noticed a very strange looking writing instrument. It was just a pencil, but unlike any others I had seen before, this one was covered in a bright green fine fur. The “moss pencil” as it was aptly named by its designer, Sirampuch Eamumpai, was just an ordinary pencil with a twist. What probably caught my attention was that the pencil has received a Red Dot Design Award in 2008. It was only £1.5, so I decided to get one for home.


[image © LambdaPhage].


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