First quality

You may remember a post I wrote a long time ago about the dangers of translating from one language to the other, and in particular from Greek to English. In my post entitled “Restaurant of first accusation“, I went on to describe how a restaurant owner had produced an incomprehensible sign in English by translating the word “class” into “accusation”. Only a person knowing Greek could eventually understand how the mistake in the translation came about.

When I visited my parents in Greece during Christmas this year, I detected yet another incorrect translation. This time, it was on a box about glazed chestnuts with chocolate that my mum bought for Christmas. When examining the box in more detail, I notice that it had a stamp as a feature with the words “First quality Greece”.

But what exactly does “First quality” mean? Is there a “Second quality” or even a “Third” one? Obviously not. The owner of the firm producing the chestnuts meant to say that the product was first class quality, which in Greek would be “Πρώτη ποιότητα” or “First quality” if you translate it word-by-word. And obviously, no one detected the error that made it to the box.


[all images © LambdaPhage]


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