The fine print

About me

Tell me about yourself…. A typical job interview question. I am not searching for a job, so, for the moment I will spare you with all the boring details. Let me just say that I was born in Athens, Greece, and I now  live in London, UK. Oh, and by  the blog name, you can guess what I ‘ve been doing for quite some time.


About this blog

This blog is a little bit of everything: little bit of travelling, a little bit of photography, a little bit of design, theatres, exhibitions, technology, fashion, magazines, furniture, cinemas and a little bit of my obsessions. In short, it contains my thoughts on a little bit of everything that surrounds my life. I hope that you will find it worthwhile.

But don’t worry. In time, it will find an identity of its own.


Expressing your opinion

If you  have something to say, please feel free to post a comment. Comment moderation is on, which means that your comment might not make it online, especially if it contains insults, libels, advertising or is unrelated to the post.

If you are particularly shy, please feel free to send me an e-mail at lambdaphage [at]


Copyright disclaimer

The opinions expressed here are entirely my own and are in no-way related to any person or organisation affiliated with me. While every effort has been made to attribute the material to its rightful copyright owners, if copyright attribution has been overlooked, I will be pleased to make restitution or remove the offending material at the earliest opportunity.


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