Uniqlo +J SS11 collection

One of the most successful collaborations of famous designers and high-street brands is the collaboration between Jil Sander and Uniqlo. Readers of my blog can refer to my previous posts about the SS10 and the AW11 collection.

Today marks the launch of the 4th consecutive collection: the Spring Summer 2011 collection. It is the first time that the collection launches first on the internet and then at the stores. This way, loyal customers (like me) can buy some pieces without the need to queue at the stores in the morning.

Characterised by Sahara sand dunes, elegant curves, natural hues and primordial contrasts of red, the collection is inspired by and epic of sensual colours and lines. This is evident in the male military and safari jackets, which are presented alongside classic items such as white shirts and wool suits. Admittedly, the women’s collection looks better than the men’s collection, as it mingles inspiring dress designs in bold colours and classic single breasted jackets in earthly hues.

Can’t wait to see them on the net.


P.S.: Image © Uniqlo


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